Acharya Habba is a Kaleidoscope of talent, expressed through a spectrum of performances which involves music, dance, drama, sports, technological prodigies with a tinge of competitive air and lots of cheer, diligence and ecstacy all around us. The fest harbours silver, gold or platinum sponsor titles with perks being provided accordingly, along with onlookers standing steadfast with awe and admiration at the splendid sight before them.

Battle of the Bands, Fashion Show, and detailed dance styles along with themes keeps one glued till the end of the fest. It’s the most gala time of the year to welcome the best of moments and creation of memories. Habba draws in a crowd of 25,000 or more people, with 12,000 in-house attending Habba every year, with students streaming in from all over the country


Who would have known, teens and youth will be professionals way before their age? Who would have expected to be born with this current ease of tech? Well, the past 25 years have been the era of restyling the youth: The Generation Z. This gen is that all-in-one super skilled and boosted with talents. Haven’t you been wondering how the next generation is way more understanding, eager to learn and grasping things easier than you have ever noticed?

You got that right, this generation is smarter which brings us endless possible ways to explore the world, to experience the ease, to envision better changes and to have a yen for knowledge! Be it tech surprising gadgets, or be it the musical vibrations produced from electronics or be it the ease of communication and travel, or be it the VFX making our imaginations louder; People born from late 90’s onwards, GenZ, has made headway through it all. Habba 2020 is resourceful, all young and newest of all advances. Celebrating the 25th year of this age of limitless possibilities, Acharya Habba 2020 introduces this theme of Generation Z: “The age of change”